From the use of high-quality building materials to our frequent quality control checks, you can be confident in knowing every piece of your home is tended to with utmost attention and care. You’ll get detailed updates on the progress every week.

Quality Control

Every builder talks about quality. We not only demand it, but we also verify it with regular quality checks performed by our construction and design team leaders. This well defined process ensures consistency and assures our homes will stand the test of time.

Quality also entails paying attention to what you can’t see. Our quality principles result in healthier, more efficient and superior living environments. These principles are embodied in our High-Performance Home Standards™, which notably sets our homes apart from the rest.


  • Structural strength
  • Air quality
  • Sound transmittance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water intrusion
  • Reduction of environmental impact

Ground Breaking Ceremony

We like to celebrate the start of every new home with a special ground breaking ceremony. Imagine everyone on the team—on your homesite—celebrating with you!

Our entire Design-Build-Dwell team believes that building your custom, luxury home should be an enjoyable, fun experience that makes you happy.