Everything in Perfect Harmony.

Our Design-Build-Dwell approach was created to give you peace of mind. Even if you aren’t local, you’ll feel connected to the process. We’re going to care for your new home the same way you do. To
us, that means keeping our team on the same page from concept to completion.

Nothing gets lost in translation when our architects, designers, and construction professionals hear the same thing directly from you and work together to make it a reality.

Here. There. Everywhere.

In today’s environment, working remotely with us is incredibly easy. We’re constantly integrating the latest technology into our process to create a seamless experience for our remote clients, whether that means a virtual site walk, a live drone fly-over, video meetings, and more. In fact, most meetings that happen during the design and build of your home can be done from afar.

Our clients’ needs—and the world—are ever-changing, and we’re happy to adapt and accommodate. So, if you’re on an extended work trip in Europe, vacationing on a different coast, or simply living a few states away, our team will bring a personal touch and engaging visuals to you, no matter where you may be.

All for you.

Our approach is anything but typical—and it’s what makes us the best at what we do. We don’t just manage your build in one location: often, our builders, designers, architects, and interior designers are all at the same table. This ensures our team is on the same page from concept to completion.

We never work in a silo. Instead, we’ll collaborate on all aspects of your home from start to finish. Nothing gets lost in translation when our team hears the same thing directly from you. And no major changes can happen until we’ve considered how it would affect design, construction, or livability.

The end result?
A truly exceptional home.

The Premier Collective.

We’re proud to be the first in the region to use such a collaborative homebuilding process. We’ve truly set the standard for this model and have spent years perfecting it. It’s evident from our first meeting—we’re focused on getting to know you and developing a lasting relationship that goes beyond your home build.

While our process may be standard, a Dillard-Jones home is anything but. Our architects, designers, and interior designers each use their unique background and experience to create an only-of-its-kind home that completely reflects your style, needs, and personality.

You’ll be thrilled with special, surprising touches along the way that uniquely welcome you into the Dillard-Jones family.

A strong relationship
from start to finish.

Our approach guarantees the highest level of engagement for clients looking to maximize their investment. Nothing gets lost in translation when the team you’ve chosen speaks and understands the same language at every step. Here’s how it works.

01 – Design

Let’s start shaping the home you’ve always imagined! You’ll meet the team, including our expert interior partners at Tribus Interior Design, and we’ll spend plenty of time getting to know you and develop a thorough understanding of how you’ll live in your home.

We’ll translate your ideas into paper and, eventually, into 3D models. When you’re completely satisfied, we’ll sign our agreement and ready the construction documents.

Important Milestones

Visit your site.

If you’ve already secured your lot, we’ll help you determine how to make the most out of every angle so you can take advantage of the views, position, and natural features. But if you’re still searching for the perfect space, we’ll help you find the best lot to create the impact you’re looking for.

Get a virtual tour.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your concept, get ready to see your home come to life! Using the latest 3D modeling technology, we’ll take you on a virtual walkthrough of your future home. After every detail is approved, we’ll move on to the next step: breaking ground.

02 – Build

Now that you’re happy with the model of your home, it’s time to start building. From our use of the highest-caliber material to frequent quality control checks, every piece of your home is tended to with the utmost care and attention.

As your home progresses, our third-party quality confirmation firm will reach out to make sure you’re thrilled with your service.

Important Milestones

Follow the progress.

Enjoy watching the progress on your new home from anywhere! Once your project kicks off, you’ll receive weekly updates from our team through an exclusive, easy-to-use app. Your project manager will share photos, notes, and more so you can see what’s happening.

Interior selections.

You’ll meet with Tribus Interior Design, our interior design partner, to finalize selections like cabinets, lighting, tile, and more. They’ll source materials from the highest-quality artisans and manufacturers to meet your budgets and your tastes.

03 – Dwell

This is where your story truly begins, and we, along with Tribus Interior Design, are here to make living in your home effortless. Imagine walking into a home that’s perfectly designed to suit your tastes and needs, from the draperies to the festive holiday flatware. Now, imagine never having to worry about upkeep or maintenance.

With Dwell Home and Dwell Care, our relationship doesn’t stop after your home is built. Once you’ve settled in, we’re still here to make sure your investment maintains its value and you’re always experiencing an extraordinary level of comfort.

A Suite of Ongoing Service

Dwell Home

Tribus Interior Design—the same team who is there throughout the build of your home and know it intimately—is available to help you choose art and furnishings, too. The Tribus Interior Design team uses a multifaceted approach that’s anything but cookie-cutter. Each space they create is distinct and made to reflect the relentless attention to detail that went into your home’s build.

The team is excited to work with you to tailor your home to your distinct tastes, down to the smallest details. And since you’ll be familiar with them, it won’t surprise you when you realize how much they feel like family.

Dwell Care

Enjoy 24/7 customer service with our maintenance offerings. Our team can help with tasks like gutter cleanings, power washing, air filter changes, and more. Looking after your home will never feel like a never-ending second job! We’ll provide plenty of documentation of each visit, quarterly home inspections, and—best of all—peace of mind.

Dwell Care isn’t simply for home maintenance – our concierge services are exclusively available to our clients, too. Our team is fully prepared to take care of your needs before you visit your home, whether that means filling your fridge with your favorite foods, decorating for the holidays, helping to plan a party, or tuning your bikes for your next ride. Truly, the list is endless.