Handing over the keys to your home is not where the relationship ends with Dillard-Jones Builders. A division of Dillard-Jones Builders, Dillard + Co. was formed to provide a life-long commitment to our clients even after their home is complete. At Dillard + Co., we utilize our Dillard-Jones partners that are licensed professionals and industry experts to deliver premier care, and preventative measures to protect your home.



A Preventative Approach

Through Dillard + Co., we offer full renovation and maintenance services, as well as unique concierge services to extend our lifetime commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to the highest standards to ensure peace of mind for the upkeep of your home by our professional and qualified team.




Whether you’re looking to renovate one room in your house or thinking it’s time for a full home renovation, we are here to help. We partner with our sister company, Tribus Architecture to deliver luxury, custom design-build renovations. Our renovation services also extend to outside of the home where we offer exterior home renovations and dock renovations and upgrades.


Maintenance Services

At Dillard + Co., we offer a wide-range of interior, exterior, plumbing, and electric & appliances maintenance services to ensure your home is kept in exceptional shape. Maintenance services include foundation inspections, gutter repairs and cleaning, plumbing and pipe inspections, water heater checks, appliance testing and maintenance, pest control and prevention, cleaning services, and more. Through our sister company, Clean Site Specialists, we provide tree hauling and removal, as well as pressure washing services to ensure the exterior of your home looks great and is environmentally sound.




Concierge Services

You shouldn’t have to worry about your home while you are away. Through our home watch program, we visit your home to monitor and provide preventative care to ensure it is serviced properly while you are away. Our other concierge services include making your home ready for your return. From lowering the boat into the water, stocking the refrigerator, adjusting thermostats to the perfect temperature, our team is here to coordinate concierge services so you can instantly feel back at home and relaxed.




Our Commitment

Our team of professionals are experienced and dedicated to ensure your home operates and performs as intended.



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