Our All-Inclusive Process


Discovery & Conceptual Design

  • Lot analysis
  • Collaborative concept plans
  • Establish a budget based on our Fit & Finish Questionnaire and our Home Performance Survey
  • Develop “design-to” estimate
  • Real costing answers


Construction Documents

  • Design-Build agreement
  • Architectural elevations and 3D visualization tools
  • Complete construction documents
  • Finalize costing


Kick-Off Meeting

  • Approve final plans, specifications, build, schedule, and exterior finishes
  • Onsite meeting with visualization tools
  • Construction starts when all questions are answered


Move-In Warranty

  • Home orientation
  • After move-in care



  • Follow BuilderTrend schedule and High-Performance Home StandardsTM
  • Clean communication
  • Work with our interior design team through all finish selections
  • Guaranteed construction quality through our Construction Logic QCTM program


Tribus Design Studio - Visit Our Website

  • Collaborate with our interior design team to complete your home’s interior with furnishings, accessories, window treatments, and more


Dillard & Co.

  • Offers concierge services, full maintenance and renovation services

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Our Standards

At Dillard-Jones Builders, we combine a custom design process with superior materials to create a true luxury home for each client using our LEGACY QUALITY CUSTOM HOME PROGRAM™. While the uniqueness allows every client to live in a home created just for them—we use HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOME STANDARDS™ when building every home as a base level of quality. These base standards are implemented to maximize our client’s enjoyment of their home while minimizing their ongoing ownership costs. We have the experience to do much more than the HIGH-PERFORMANCE HOME STANDARDS™, but will not build any homes that do not meet our base requirements. As a Certified Green Professional, we do offer Energy Star® certified homes, foam envelopes, geothermal systems, solar, and even new homes built to standards of the American Lung Association’s Healthy Home program.

  • A Better Design

    Design impacts every home’s performance in many ways. Our design process considers the best materials for each situation, the solar orientation, the wind loading, the windows (size, number, and type), the site, etc.

  • A Quieter Home

    Silent floor systems, acoustic insulation to insure that private home areas are separated from the more public home areas, screwed down sub-floors, and quieter plumbing systems are just a few of the features that make a Dillard-Jones Builders custom home more livable.

  • A Stronger Home

    All Dillard-Jones homes feature high-performance systems like “T” corners, “I” or open web joists, silent floor systems, insulated headers, and structural design to minimize flex.  A key design element is to provide the strength needed without over building since wood is not a good insulator.   We have a structural engineer review each home before building.

  • A Healthier Home

    Air quality is a standard house can be up to four times (4x) more polluted that the air directly outside the same house.  Through proper air sealing, insulation, and HVAC design – our homes deliver clean air into the home through the air handled instead of depending on leaks to provide make-up air.

  • A Safer Home

    All our homes are pre-wired for security and technology systems. We can also design and install a variety of wired and wireless technologies for safety, comfort, and home entertainment. These tailored packages are easy to use from a phone, computer, or iPad and can include: remote video monitoring, electronic locking, irrigation control, water flow monitoring, thermostat control, and lighting control.

  • A Lower Maintenance Home

    Dillard-Jones Builders uses exterior materials and systems that minimize required maintenance.  Materials such S&W exterior paint with up to lifetime warranties, natural stone, integrated color stucco, painted brick, IPE, and James Hardie products are commonly used to provide for a virtually maintenance-free exterior.  Other low maintenance systems used include gutter toppers, proper drainage control, clad windows, clad doors, low maintenance outdoor features, and roofing that exceeds 40 year lifespans, etc.

  • A Lower Impact Home

    We believe in being good stewards and build all our homes with as little impact as possible.  From the erosion control measures that minimize runoff to reducing waste every Dillard-Jones home is built with minimal impact in mind.  Since the construction process generates a lot of waste – all our dumpsters are post site sorted and reusable materials are re-tasked for future use again.



After building 230 luxury homes using our LEGACY QUALITY CUSTOM HOME PROGRAM™ in the Upstate of South Carolina, in all seven Cliffs Communities, and in Western North Carolina—we have
found that these are some of the questions people have when beginning the design-build process.

What makes Dillard-Jones Builders different than other Builders?
What experience does Dillard-Jones have?
What are the benefits of using a Design-Build + Interiors firm and is there any downside to an all-inclusive builder?
Where does DJB build and how are jobs managed?
What type of performance and quality can we expect from our Dillard-Jones home?
How is the cost of our home determined and how are project costs managed?
What role do the sister companies play in projects?
What type of quality control (QC) processes does Dillard-Jones Builders have?
How many houses are build per year by Dillard-Jones Builders?
How can we make a decision about who is the best builder fit for us?